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Shawn Gossman

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Welcome to the Blogging Collective Blogging Jobs section. Members can request blogging jobs (resume) or post blogging jobs (job ad listings) for free. To keep this section legit and organized, there are some special guidelines that all members are required to adhere to.
  1. Your listing must not conflict with or violate any other policy in this community
  2. You must create a new topic per listing
  3. You may only "bump" your listing topic once every five (5) days
  4. Your resume or job ad listing MUST be about blogging - Unrelated activities are not allowed
  5. Do not post the same job or resume more than once unless such job has been filled and is open once again
  6. Indicate if jobs are paid or unpaid
Listings and resumes allowed, including blog writers, blog staff members, blog theme/plugin makers, graphic design for blogs, and related blogging listings.

Listings not allowed include anything adult-rated or unrelated to blogging

Thank you for reading. Make sure you select the appropriate prefix to prevent your listing from being removed.

We reserve the right to remove any listing at anytime and without any reason.
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